IBN Corp Limited
    IBN Corp Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary established in Hong Kong, focusing on overseas project development and industrial investment to serve the Group's rapid development。 Adhering to the business philosophy of being honest, keeping innovating and constantly improving quality, IBN Corp Limited operates in the seven fields of development (IBN HIGHLAND SDN BHD, IBN LOVOCEAN SDN BHD, IBN MCC BERHAD, IBN GREENCITY SDN BHD), trade (PIN ZHENG TRADING (OVERSEAS) SDN BHD, BUMICO MANAGEMENT SDN BHD), property management (PIN ZHENG PROPERTY SDN BHD), services (IBN TOUR & TRAVEL SDN BHD, IBN CARE SDN BHD), hotel management (SUITESOTEL SDN BHD), infrastructure, and water and power supply in Southeast Asia, with focus on Malaysia, and has many branch offices in China, Singapore and Malaysia。The core projects of the Company include the IBN Highlands City project in Pahang State, Green City project in Selangor State, The Ocean of Love project in Kuantan, Genting Eco Park in Bentong, IBN Bukit Bintang – a high-rise project ranking top 5 in terms of height in Kuala Lumpur, etc。
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